Tag : Renewables

01 Jun 2016

Renewable renaissance on the horizon for Canada as it seeks to revamp its economy

Canada’s energy industry is poised to join the rest of the world in weaning itself off fossil fuels, according to new federal analysis.

26 May 2016

G7 host Japan goes rogue on coal as renewable jobs buck global trend

Japan, host of this week’s G7 summit, is isolated before the meeting has even begun, as its continued love of dirty coal has exposed it as a rogue among its G7 peers.

06 May 2016

Zombie fossil firms go for the jugular in dirty fightback

After months of silence following the huge blow delivered by the Paris Agreement, the fossil fuel industry has come out of hiding, and it is swinging wildly.

12 Apr 2016

Countries urged to turn Paris promises into action, ratify swiftly

As many nations make calls for the swift ratification of the Paris Agreement, the profound impacts of climate change is hitting home, 2016 is forecast to be the hottest on record and more extreme weather events hit across the globe.

31 Mar 2016

Bleak outlook for coal as UK closes three plants

The UK has put the world another step closer to ridding itself of coal with the closure of three more polluting power stations.

29 Mar 2016

Asia loses its appetite for coal

Many hundreds of planned coal-fired power plants in Asia will probably be shelved as economies slow and climate change and air pollution worsen.

22 Mar 2016

Germany on the brink of 95% emission reductions target

Germany could soon be a step closer to implementing the December’s historic Paris climate agreement with reports it is mulling a target to reduce emissions 95 per cent on 1990 levels by 2050.

16 Mar 2016

Coal’s demise paves way for renewable-friendly future

As fortunes continue to fade for coal, new beginnings are on the horizon for renewables.

16 Mar 2016

Two steps forward, one step back: UK touts zero carbon future but backs fossils

Less than a week after it took a historic first step towards enshrining the Paris goal of a zero emissions future into law, the UK is accused of not putting “enough fuel in the tank to get us there”.

04 Mar 2016

Solar power poised to claim top spot for new energy in the US

As fortunes fade for fossil fuels, solar power is on it’s way to becoming the top new energy source in the US, according to new data from the US Energy Information Administration.