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04 May 2016

Alberta grapples with devastation as wildfire blazes through community

More than 60,000 people have been forced out of their homes in Fort McMurray, Alberta, for the biggest evacuation in the province’s history due to a wildfire.

08 Apr 2016

Energy East ‘threatens’ drinking water for millions of Canadians

A proposed TransCanada pipeline could contaminate the drinking water sources for up to five million Canadians, a new report suggests.

05 Nov 2015

Canada’s new PM gets ‘Climate Welcome’ as citizens set out hopes for real change

Just one day after Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet were sworn into office, activists are camping out in front of his new Ottawa home reminding him to “get to work on real climate action.”

03 Nov 2015

Signs of defeat as TransCanada asks ‘for extra time’ over Keystone XL

TransCanada, the company behind the Keystone XL pipeline, is banking on a Republican president following President Obama, announcing Monday that it wants the Obama administration to suspend its permit request for the pipeline until after the next election.

21 Oct 2015

‘Historic opportunity’ ahead for the climate under Canada’s new leadership

High hopes are sweeping through Canada as the country’s oil-driven government finally collapsed.

30 Jul 2015

Canada’s oil industry — on the verge of a breaking point?

From tumbling oil prices to leaky pipelines, Canada’s oil industry is looking bleaker by the day. Increasingly concerned with the volatility of the commodity, global investors pulled $200 billion worth of investments from the oil and gas sector this week, of which 30 per cent would have directly contributed to tar sands projects in Alberta.

18 May 2015

Canada announces commitment for 2015 climate deal

Canada announced it will cut carbon pollution by 30% below 2005 levels by 2030 as part of this year’s international climate negotiations in Paris.

07 May 2015

Petro-state “dynasty” shakedown shocks Canada on election day

In a landslide win for Alberta, Canada’s historically most conservative province broke a 44 year habit of voting in oil-driven leadership.

01 May 2015

Church of England blacklists investments in polluting fossil fuels

The Church of England, one of the world’s wealthiest religious institutions, has become the latest high-profile body to join the growing movement divesting from fossil fuels, as it “effectively read the last rites to the coal and tar sands industry.”

10 Apr 2015

Thousands set to join biggest climate march in Canadian history

This Saturday (11 April), thousands will gather in Quebec City for what is anticipated to be the biggest climate march in Canadian history.