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24 Jun 2016

Brexit: No excuse to ‘go back to year zero’ on climate

As the UK’s vote to leave the European Union sends shockwaves across the world, green groups warn the move cannot be an excuse to “go back to year zero on environmental protection”.

15 Jun 2016

Brexit costs to be counted in health & climate impacts

The UK public will head to the polls next week, in a “climate referendum” that could see it turn its back on decades of progress on environmental issues, including climate change and air pollution.

26 May 2016

The ‘fight goes on’ as UK ends 5-year fracking hiatus

Fracking could soon take place in the UK, following a five-year hiatus, as North Yorkshire County Council give Third Energy the green light to drill in Ryedale.

03 May 2016

UK coal battle heads to Wales as fossil fuel fight goes global

In yet another call for the UK government to end its love affair with coal, hundreds of protesters have today shut down the UK’s largest opencast coal mine in Ffos-y-fran, South Wales.

31 Mar 2016

Bleak outlook for coal as UK closes three plants

The UK has put the world another step closer to ridding itself of coal with the closure of three more polluting power stations.

16 Mar 2016

Two steps forward, one step back: UK touts zero carbon future but backs fossils

Less than a week after it took a historic first step towards enshrining the Paris goal of a zero emissions future into law, the UK is accused of not putting “enough fuel in the tank to get us there”.

09 Feb 2016

UK fracking fight heats up as Lancashire appeal begins

The debate around the UK’s fledgling fracking industry is once again raging today as planning inspectors begin to hear Cuadrilla’s appeal against the rejection of its plans for exploratory drilling in West Lancashire.

18 Nov 2015

Coal left friendless as UK and wealthy nations cut ties

It’s been another devastating week for coal as the UK becomes the first major economy to put a date on a phase out of coal, and OECD countries limit financing for the dirty energy source.

26 Oct 2015

Coal ‘conscience’ activists shut down England’s largest opencast mine

In yet another call for the UK government to end its love affair with coal, protesters have today shut down England’s largest opencast mine.

08 Oct 2015

Onshore wind now the cheapest electricity source in the UK

In a milestone for UK renewables, electricity from onshore wind power is now cheaper than from any other source of energy for the first time.