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08 Jun 2016

New India-US partnership sends “jolt of momentum” to global climate deal

The US and India have signalled their intent to “forge ahead” with climate action, driving the world closer towards meeting its landmark climate agreement.

29 Apr 2016

Reality of climate change sinks in across US party lines, say researchers

The tides have shifted among conservative voters, as new research suggests that half of Republicans heading to the polls this year believe that global warming is a threat.

06 Apr 2016

White House weighs in on health risks of climate change

Evidence of the health risks of climate change is stronger than ever, according to US federal researchers.

01 Apr 2016

Health benefits surge as US clean tech soars

As renewable jobs skyrocket in the US, so do their immense health benefits, according to a recent report from Environmental Entrepreneurs.

23 Mar 2016

US faces floods of climate refugees

New research warns that more than 13 million American citizens could be at risk of being forced to move away from vulnerable coastal zones because of sea level rise.

16 Mar 2016

Coal’s demise paves way for renewable-friendly future

As fortunes continue to fade for coal, new beginnings are on the horizon for renewables.

11 Mar 2016

Obama and Trudeau join forces to move their countries ahead of the climate curve

The US and Canada have taken strong strides towards creating a low carbon economy, cementing a number of climate-friendly agreements today.

04 Mar 2016

Solar power poised to claim top spot for new energy in the US

As fortunes fade for fossil fuels, solar power is on it’s way to becoming the top new energy source in the US, according to new data from the US Energy Information Administration.

11 Feb 2016

Pause on US Clean Power Plan doesn’t change the realities of its benefits

A Supreme Court decision to pause or “stay” the immediate implementation of the Clean Power Plan may serve as a speed bump for the first ever federal limits on carbon pollution from coal power plants, but it won’t change the health and economic benefits of the plan.

03 Feb 2016

Clashing climate visions in Iowa sets the tone for US leadership race

As US presidential candidates sought to win over Iowans Monday evening, voters were given a taste of what lies ahead for the race to the White House, as contenders landed miles apart on climate.