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10 Feb 2016

European wind makes strides, but falls down global leaderboard

Wind energy is booming across Europe, but the continent risks being outshone by China as some EU countries fail to offer long term certainty to investors.

18 Jan 2016

Renewing the economy: clean energy key to growth

While investors and global leaders crunch numbers this week to stabilize the global economy, experts are offering hard-hitting numbers linking renewables to a prosperous future.

08 Oct 2015

Onshore wind now the cheapest electricity source in the UK

In a milestone for UK renewables, electricity from onshore wind power is now cheaper than from any other source of energy for the first time.

07 Oct 2015

Global shift away from coal ignored by lonely Turkey

As countries and investors worldwide pull the plug on coal, Turkey is doing its best to keep the most polluting fossil fuel in business.

26 Aug 2015

Obama criticises fossil fuel lobbying as he promotes renewable energy

US president Barack Obama has this week railed against US political and business figures who continue to cling to out-dated fossil fuels while instilling the great hope of renewable forms of energy.

20 Aug 2015

Merkel’s visit to Brazil can be a milestone on the path to clean energy

Two powerful women, the leaders of the largest economies in Europe and Latin America, could add further clout to the transition to a low carbon world.

21 Jul 2015

UK risks climate credibility with drastic cuts to renewable subsidies

The UK government is risking its climate credibility at home and abroad this week, as reports show it could be on the cusp of enacting more drastic cuts to renewable energy subsidies.

13 Jul 2015

Australian attempts to cut funding for clean energy labelled “vindictive industrial sabotage”

The Abbott Government’s job and investment-destroying attacks on renewable energy continue, with the Prime Minister ordering the $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) to cease investments in wind and rooftop solar projects.

12 May 2015
02 Sep 2014

Chile to enact Latin America’s second ever carbon tax

Chile is set to become the second country in Latin America to put a price on polluting, as the government gets ready to vote on its first carbon taxation scheme.