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30 Mar 2015

Lights out as millions mark Earth Hour around the world

With 172 countries participating, and over 1,400 landmarks plunged into darkness, 2015 marked the world’s biggest Earth Hour to date.

03 Oct 2014

WWF: Climate change driving world’s wildlife populations into decline

The world’s wildlife population have decreased by over 50% in just 40 years – according to a new report published by WWF, which shows climate change was a major factor, along with habitat loss and exploitation.

10 Sep 2014

Eradicating poverty impossible without tackling climate change, says report

Overcoming poverty will be impossible if governments fail to tackle climate change, according to a new report from leading environment and development charities.

31 Jul 2014

WWF: Arctic oil spill could spread 1,000 km

Oil from a spill or oil well blowout in Canada’s Beaufort Sea could spread more than 1,000 kilometres across the region’s pristine environment, a new study from WWF has shown.

11 Jun 2014

Soco to halt oil exploration in Virunga national park

Following months of intense campaigning, environmentalists can claim a victory today, as British oil company Soco has agreed to end controversial drilling operations in the Virunga world heritage site – Africa’s oldest national park.

09 May 2014

Paper conglomerate commits to restoring one million hectares of rainforest

Asia Pulp and Paper Group has announced a plan to support the restoration and conservation of one million hectares of rainforest in Indonesia.

11 Apr 2014

China follows global trend out of coal as NGOs demand end to dirty energy investments

As a new report warns that China could be shifting away from coal energy sources, campaigners urge governments meeting at the IPCC to turn their backs on dirty energy investments.

08 Apr 2014

MEPs urged to support strong climate action as EU elections draw closer

As Europeans get ready to head to the polls next month (22-25 May) green groups are calling on EU parliamentary candidates to ensure climate and energy issues are at the heart of their election promises.